Nov 5, 2010

The many faces of the Jambu Fruit Dove - (Ptilinopus Jambu) 26 - 27 cm

The Jambu Fruit Dove could be found in sub montane to montane regions, from approximately 1280 meters above sea level. As we generally do not get the opportunity to see this colorful migratory specie on a regular basis I thought it would be a good idea to feature and share the pictures in a series of different profile pictures. Doves make really 'cute' pictures and the Jambu Fruit Doves would make any bird watcher and/or photographer get all 'excited' with each sighting. Hope you agree.

The pictures featured here is of a family of  3 comprising an adult male and female with a juvenile in tow. At the time the pictures were taken all 3 were feeding on ripened figs. Being shy birds they will test any photographer's patience to it's limits, as it did mine. :-) But the result was worth it!

Here they are:




                                 Male with a ripened fig in mouth

The male with the 'nititating eye membrane' which serves to protect the delicate eyes from abrasion and impact during feeding or whilst flying long distances

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