Jan 2, 2011

Tis the Raptors' season. Hohoho! - Common Buzzard ( Buteo buteo) 51 - 57 cm

Raptors have an uncanny nag (instinct) for sensing danger long before humans approach. So I found it quite intriguing as well as fortunate that this one was quite contented to perch on the lamp post to allow me to take a few 'shots' at it. It was soaking up the morning sun which was just breaking out from the clouds in the distant horizon. 

This handsome looking bird has the features of a Common Buzzard, possibly a Steppe. Special thanks to Terence Ang for helping with the ID.

Here are a few pictures for sharing.


Have a nice day! Cheers!


  1. Happy New Year to you too HK! Cheers!

  2. Happy New Year. This is a Common Buzzard. Posibality is the steppe.

  3. @ Friend of HK. Happy New Year to you too. Cheers!

  4. Happy New Year Terence! And thanks for the ID. Would you be going to KSNP next weekend? I will catch up with you if you are going. Cheers!

  5. Sorry Henry. Won't be able to make it. Perhaps other trip than.