Nov 28, 2010

A tail-less Orange-breasted Trogon ( Harpactes oreskios) 26.5 - 31.5 cm

It was quite an unusual 'encounter' with this Orange-breasted Trogon, all perfect except minus it's tail! I went about observing it as it went about it's ativities, flying and feeding in the pattern. It performed both activities none the worst without it's long tail, perhaps feeling much lighter without it. :-) The consolation though is that the tail feathers will grow back and in a couple of months this bird will have it's tail back which is great!.

Here are 3 photos to share.

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The Blyth's Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus alboniger) 51 - 58 cm

The early bird catches it's worm is a most appropriate description of this experience. I had reduced my driving speed to 'slow' when approaching the 'spot' which I had earlier been informed that raptors have been consistently sighted early in the morning, usually perched on top of lamp posts. The first two thirds of the journey was uneventful, heard many bird calls but none which resembled raptors.

Then all of a sudden a big bird was 'racing' me - flying ahead of my vehicle before deciding to perch on a low branch. I lost no time and instinctively hit the brakes and pulled the car to the road side - just about 30 meters from where it had perched. It is a Blyth's Hawk Eagle! I quickly alighted from the car, grabbed my camera from the back seat, set the metering and anchored myself to the car's side. I took about half a dozen pics before it flew across the road, this time to one of the lamp post!

I followed and took a couple more shots. I then took a quick look at the LCD screen to see how the earlier shots had turned out. When I looked up again it was gone! As the vegetation in the area is comprised of trees and long grassland I could not pick up it's next perch. I told myself to never again take my eyes away (not even for a second) from any raptor encounter in future. :-)

Here are the photos for sharing.

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Nov 27, 2010

Insects, Flowers & Fungi II

I was looking for some photos of nature for an article. In the process I opened folders of old photos taken and stored over the past one year or so. I thought it would be good to feature this collection of non bird photos as a small way of  'showcasing'  nature in which some of us have not had the opportunity to see or experience in real life. It is hoped that the photos will serve as a motivation to make nature trips a part of the yearly holiday plan. The sights and sounds of nature is an education in itself. Hope you enjoy what you see. 


Nov 25, 2010

The Lesser Coucal ( Centropus bengalensis ) 38 cm

In a recent nature trip to the Tin Tailings Afforestation Centre ( TTAC ) I was fortunate to get a good view and also captured digital images of this shy and very elusive bird. There were two of them (both males). One was perched well within the leaves of an oil palm tree whilst the other was in the thicket of the open grassland. I took pictures of the bird in the oil palm tree first and waited for the other one in the grassland to show itself. The wait was probably around 15 - 20 minutes before the 2nd bird flew to the top of a bush plant to preen and enjoy the morning sun.

Photos below show both situations as described above.

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Nov 24, 2010

The Grey-headed Fish Eagle (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus) 69 - 74 cm

I was rewarded for getting up early in the morning whilst on a nature trip to Tasik Chini with these Eagle pics. I decided to take my chances by positioning myself on the wooden jetty by the side of the lake. Tasik Chini have a kind of mysterious air about it and the somewhat darkish color of the water in the lake further add to the mysteriousness. A Malaysian Loch Ness living in the large lake? Well who knows.

As I observed the boatmen in their smallish 'sampans' cast the fishing nets -  from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of what looked like a large 'object' rise from the forest at left of the lake's forested edge. It started by flapping it's wings then gliding in a very familiar pattern that befits a raptor! Yes indeed it is a raptor - a lone Lesser Fish Eagle out hunting for it's breakfast! 

I trained my camera on it and followed it as it flew across the lake until it decided to perch on one of the tree branch on the right side of the lake. I patiently waited knowing full well that it will fly back across the lake to where it had originally appeared. 15 minutes or so later the Eagle made it's return flight ( as expected ) this time flying from the right side to the left. My camera again trailed it's flight.

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The Grey Heron ( Ardea cinrea) 90 - 98 cm

It's always a pleasure to see the Grey Heron take-off, in-flight & landing. This big bird is so graceful and 'light' when in-flight that it belies it's large size and weight. The acrobatic agility of a single bird and the 'flight formation' when flying as a flock is a wonderful sight to watch.

Their natural habitat is around wetlands and mangrove forest and swarms of up to 1000 meters above sea level.

Here are 4 sequential photos of the Grey Heron doing it's flight-landing routine.


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Nov 23, 2010

The Mangrove Blue Flycatcher (Cyornis rufigastra) 14.5 cm

I stumbled upon this juvenile along the wooden walkway built over the mangrove swarm below in Kuala Selangor Nature Park. It was alone and flew in to perch on a branch quite close to the rest hut adjoining the walkway. Although it was almost noon time lighting was not good with the healthy growing  mangroves casting heavy shadows beneath the mangrove trees. on the positive side it is an indication of the successful replanting exercise carried out by Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in stages in this park. By the way MNS also manage this park.

Taking advantage of periodic light streams which cut through the leaves and exposed the Flycatcher to sunlight I took a couple of quick shots. Below are 3 photos for sharing..

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The Power of nature's H2O

Water is amongst the most powerful resources and if used in the 'right' way. It could also provide enjoyment and the sight of the gushing waters of waterfalls never fails to attract the many weekend crowd.

Here are some photos which was taken about one year ago.

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Mammals & Reptiles

The other collection of photos I have recorded and collated (but not published here) are photos of mammals and reptiles I came across during birding trips. I have selected some of them to post on this blog to share.  Hope you like what you see. Cheers!

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Nov 22, 2010

Insects, Flowers & Fungi

I thought it would be a good to break the monotony of looking at pictures of birds, birds, and more birds. So I decided to post some pictures of insects, flowers and other vegetation found in the forest and which I have recorded during my birding trips. The pictures featured in no particular order.

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