Nov 5, 2010

Velvet-fronted Nuthatch - ( Sitta Frontalis) 12 - 13.5 cm

The Nuthatch's other given name is the 'upside-down-bird'. The name is fondly given by birders for the manner this specie is often seen foraging for it's food whilst in an 'up-side down' position.The velvety looking plumage on it's chest and belly have given this bird it's descriptive name. It's preferred habitat are sub-montane to montane forest regions of about 1300 - 3000 meters above sea level. It has also occasionally been sighted in lowland forests. Always active and move about very briskly it keeps the bird watcher/photographer on full alert every time it  makes it's appearance. All said the Velvet-fronted Nuthatch is a beautiful bird to 'capture'.

 Below are some pictures to share.


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