Dec 26, 2011

The Greater Green Leafbird (Chloropsis sonnerrati) 20-22 cm

The Leafbird species derive it's name literally from the green plumage, although some species also spot orange and other colors for their plumage.

The photos below are that of a Male and Female.

Eye-browed Thrush ( turdus obscurus ) 22 - 25 cm

A rare migratory specie. Will find sub to montane regions to take up temporary home away from the winter in their homelands.

Dec 23, 2011

Great Hornbills of Bkt Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia

There are at 4, perhaps 5 species of Hornbills in Bkt Tinggi. Three could be quite easily seen all year round whilst the other 2 are seen only on certain months of the year. I had the occasion to see this pair of Great Hornbills whilst on my way down from the hill. The pair made a half -way stop before proceeding on the journey to their destination.

Ruddy Kingfisher ( halcyon coromanda ) 26 - 27 cm

I was very lucky to see this beautiful kingfisher during a recent trip to an urban forest reserve. It flew out of the thicket by the river bank and perched on a tree branch providing a clear view. It remained there for some 5 minutes before flying off and disappearing into the thicket again. It was a lifer for me. :-)

Dec 20, 2011

The spider by the stream

This large spider was seen by the bank of a small stream at night perhaps waiting for a prey to come it's way?

A Tree Frog

Found this little frog during a recent the night walk through a forest.

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker ( dicaecum trigonostigma ) Male, 9cm

This little fella was picking blue berries late into the evening when it was sighted.

An unusual bug

Found this colorful bug at the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve.

Gold Whiskered Barbet ( megalaima chrysopogon ) 30 cm

One of the larger ones in the family of Barbets. 

Dec 16, 2011

Little Spiderhunter ( arachnothera longirostra ) 16 cm

The adult have a slaty head and just like it's cousin the Streaked Spiderhunter makes loud and high pitch calls as it goes about harvesting flower nectar. 

Greater Coucal ( centropus sinensis ) 48 - 52 cm

Plumage is a contrasting black with chestnut back and wings. Very fittish and not easy to get close. Will occasionally come out into the open to bask in the sun and do the routine preening. 


Dec 14, 2011

Orange-headed Thrush ( zoothera citrina ) 20 - 23 cm

The new season for migratory birds has begun in ernest. Together with countless other avian species flying southwards from their homelands in the northern hemisphere, the Orange-headed Thrush is one of the most vibrant insofar as color of plumage goes. The orange color of the plumage glistens under the sun and is a great sight to behold. 

The following pictures further demonstrates what I have said.

Dec 12, 2011

Cream Colored Giant Squirrel ( Ratufa affinis )

It is one giant of a squirrel. But just like it's cousins very nifty on the go, jumping from tree to tree with ease and speed. It feed on ripened ficus fruits and could only be seen during the fruiting season. It's tail is longer than it's body.

Grey Heron ( ardea cinerea ) 90 - 98 cm

One of the largest heron in the fmaily of heron it's flight is a combination of a few flaps of the wing followed by gliding. It is always a pleasure to watch these big wader fly and glide around the mangrove forest and marsh land. It could occasionally be found in paddy fields.

Little Egrets ( egretta garzetta ) 55-65 cm

As it name imply it is the smallest of the family of Egrets. The distinguishing ID of the Little Egret are it's blackish feet and yellow feet.

Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker ( dendrocopus moluccensis )13 cm

A very human friendly little fella. Builds it's nest on old palm trunks used by fishermen as boom to anchor their boats to the jetty. Some of the nests are so low that one can almost reach out to touch the birds. 

Great Tit ( parus major ) 14 cm

An interesting migratory species seen during the end year here. The northern hemisphere birds migrant south to escape the cold winter months - much to the delight of birders here who gets to see foreign avian species albeit for just a few months.

The Adorable Salmon-crested Cuckatoo

It was by chance that I encountered the tamed cuckatoo. It was housed in the same location as the park I went birding. It is being cared for and trained to speak by one of trainers attached to the Dept of Wildlife and National Parks, Malaysia. For the moment is could 'speak' 2 English words ie Hello & Bye-Bye. Both spoken in a high kinda cute sounding pitch. :-) This is one cuckatoo which will endear itself to both the young and old alike. All the very best to this special one!

Below is a photo I could not resist been captured with. :-)

Dec 9, 2011

The White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus), 21.5 - 28 cm

This specie is a favorite amongst bird watches due in part it has a very melodic call which it has earned itself the title of song bird.

Siberian Blue Robin (luscinia cyane ) 13 - 14 cm

Another interesting winter migrant. This one is a Juvenile. Imagine the distance and the determination it has to travel such a long distance. the puzzling question - how did it find it way??? Nature have many mysteries to unravel. 

                                  Male (Juvy) 

Hill Blue Flycatcher ( cyornis banyumas ) 14 - 15 cm

This pair a winter migrants are a sight to behold. The colors are so vibrant you got to see them for yourselves to fully appreciative my description.  

                                 The Male

                                 The Female                      

Pheasant-tailed Jacana ( hydrophasianus chirurgus ) 29 - 31 cm

A rare winter migrant with non breeding plumage.

Eye-browed Thrush ( turdus obscurus ) 22 - 25 cm

An early winter migrant make a good addition to the migratory species which local birders enjoy watching during this time till the end of the first quarter of the new year.