Feb 29, 2012

Changeable Hawk Eagle ( Adult Dark & Pale Morphs ) Spizaetus cirrhatus 61 - 75 cm

I had a most interesting and totally unexpected encounter with a family of CHEs comprising of the Male, Female and a Juvenile. The Eagles are still nesting the new arrival and was obviously very protective of the single bird. In my observation over a 3 hour period I noted many characteristics of these wonderful birds-of-prey. I hope to document all the findings in a proper record which would be shared upon their eventual publication.

For this blog I will share the photos captured during the encounter.

                The pair of adults - Male (dark morph, bottom) and Female (pale morph, top)

                              Close-up of the Male

                  The  Male keeping watch of the Juvenile from a tree perch opposite the nest.

                        Close-up shots of the Female 

                              The Juvenile in the nest

                               And recorded here doing a big stretchhhh.....

Feb 28, 2012

Greater Yellow-naped Woodpecker

It would as a routine announce it's presence with it's call which is loud and high pitched. Or the typical loud pecking of a tree trunk in search for it's favorite grub. A colorful and agile bird.

Malaysian Cuckoo Shrike

Due to it's large size and 'dark plumage' it is sometimes mistaken for a crow. Only after closer observation would the ID be positively determined. The ID is made more difficult if the area is shrouded with a thick mist. Feed on large months and insects. 

Feb 27, 2012


Came across this smallish Iguana-like creature in Genting Highlands recently. It seemed like it is carved from stone, remaining still and motionless except for an occasional blink of the eye. I estimate that from hear to tip of it's tail it measured about 2 + ft. Well it's great for macro and close-up photography! :-)

Common Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis)

Was face-to-face with this fella whilst on a routine birding trip. It looked startled and made a quick dash for the safety of the hill. It stopped just very briefly to give us a second look before disappearing into the thicket. 

Grey-throated babbler (Stachyris nigriceps) 12.5 - 14 cm

Always seemed to be in a big hurry, foraging and skipping from one perch to the next by the seconds. It takes great reflex and reaction to 'catch' this small fella with the camera.

Silver-breasted Broadbill ( Serilophus lunatus ) 17 cm

This specie has been fondly called cute, lovable, adorable etc etc.....and it's easy to know why they have attracted the attention of all who were lucky to set their eyes on them. The Female bird 'wear' a unique silver necklace. In this pic the pair was recorded building a new nest.

Red-billed Malkoha ( Phaenicophaeus javanicus ) 45-45.5 cm

In my view this is the most 'gentle looking' of all the 6 species of Malkoha to be found in Malaysia. For one it does not have the 'fierce look' of it's other cousins. Always a delight to watch this fine bird with each encounter.

The White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus), 21.5 - 28 cm

Encounters with White-rumped Shamas is always interesting due in part to the high agility of this specie. The bird's long tail and colors also add to the flavor of each sighting. To top it all it is a great 'singer' with a few repertoire of calls which are rhythmic and very entertaining. Being a good song bird have also taken it's toll as the W-rS are poached from their natural forest habitat to be sold to 'bird-lovers' who caged them to hear their calls in their homes. :-(

Here are the W-rS photographed in the natural habitat truly 'free as a bird'. 

Feb 22, 2012

Orange-breasted Trogon ( Harpectus oreskios ) 26.5 - 31.5 cm

Will always be the affable Trogon to everyone who have the good fortune of seeing it.

Asian Fairy Bluebird (Irena Puella ) 24-26 cm (Male)

White-browed Shrike-Babbler (Pteruthius flaviscapis) 16.5 cm

A misty shot at over 6000 ft above sea level. A montane bird with a loud melodic call.

Rhinoceros Hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) 91 - 122 cm

Chestnut-tailed Minla (Minla strigula) 16 - 16.5 cm

Small and moves very fast when foraging. Gotta be quick on the 'draw' to get this fella. :-)

Fire-tufted Barbet ( Psilopogon pyrolophus ) 28 cm

A montane specie whose brownish-maroon hind crown nape is the reason for it's namesake.

Mountain Leaf Warbler (P. trivirgatus ) 11.5 cm

Catch me if you can! A tiny bird which moves with great agility.

Orange-headed Thrush (Zoothera citrina) 20.5 - 23.5 cm

Amongst the list of much sort after species during the bird migration season. Birders and bird photographers alike are attracted by the bright orange color of the plumage which cover approx 80% of it's head, breast & belly, except for it's wings which are bluish-grey.

Little Pied Flycatcher ( Ficedula westermanni ) 11 - 12.5 cm

This cute little fella was in a great mood to break into song. Perhaps invigorated by the fresh mountain air of the morning. :-)

Feb 9, 2012

Grey-throated babbler (Stachyris nigriceps) 12.5 - 14 cm

Always a challenge to keep up the pace with this very active feeder. Always on the go - almost hyperactive! Usually forage in a small flock of around  4-5 birds.