Dec 5, 2010

A Raptor on the lamp post - The Himalayan Buzzard (Buteo burmanicus)

It was another lucky break. This time it was in the evening. I had completed a full day of birding and was returning to the city. About a quarter way of the journey down hill I spotted a raptor perched on one of the many lamp posts that lined the roads side.

I stopped my car and got out as quietly as I could. But alas it already took notice of my presence and 'took-off'. I watched in disappointment. But all was not lost! It perched again 2 lamp posts away! As it's flight direction was uphill I reversed the car and proceeded uphill, again.   

As I neared the lamp post where it has perched I decided against alighting from the car but instead will 'shoot' from the car's window. A few 'shots' later it flew off it's perch again and went further uphill, this time 2 more lamp posts away! I had left my car's engine running in readiness of having to follow the bird. I immediately engaged the gear and slowly drove uphill. Keeping my distance it was again 'shooting' from the car's window. A few 'pops' later the bird decided it had posed long enough and flew to another perch also 2 lamp posts away! I followed but this time it decided to stay only momentarily on the third perch and dashed-off into the forest located just off the roadside. 

I went away happy with what I got in this interesting encounter. Here are some photos for sharing.

Cheers! Have a nice day!

P.S. Assistance would be most welcome and appreciated to ID this Raptor.


  1. Thanks Terence. You have been most helpful! Cheers!

  2. Guess, this is the same bird as the raptor in the morning.. hmm, my learning curve just got smaller..

  3. Can't be sure. There could be more than one.

  4. Henry,
    the scientific name is same as earlier one i posted to you.


  5. Terence, once again thank you for coming to the 'rescue' :-)