Aug 10, 2011

Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler (Pomatorbinus montanus) 19 cm

This birding trip was a case of a near miss in the morning and a small consolation later in the afternoon. The Scimitar Babbler was within 30 yards from my position. It was skirting around a bamboo crop which had many young bamboo shoots between me and the Babbler! As I  frantically tried to shift my position from left to right and back to left in sync with the Babbler's movements it decided to fly further into the thicket and disappeared. 

Disappointed as I was I mentally consoled myself that maybe, just maybe I would have another shot at it later in the day. It was not until around 3 pm in the afternoon when photographing a small bird wave consisting of Sultan Tits, Striped Tit Babblers, Brown Barbets and Leaf Birds did I notice that the Scimitar Babbler was amongst them but foraging alone!

It was 'sandwiched' between two large size forked tree branch and the lighting was poor due in part to the thick foliage around the area and a cloudy sky. Determined not to be disappointed again I took aim and triggered the camera's shutter. All this while it decided to remain partially hidden and in the shadows. :-( Nonetheless I came away glad I managed to get record shots of this lifer and reminding myself to look out for it again next time. :-)   

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