May 28, 2011

The Coppersmith Barbet nesting (Megalaima haemacephala), 17 cm

These photos are also those which I shot, stored and forgotten. Not until I stumbled on them again whilst searching my photo folders for other photos. I could still vividly recollect this event which goes back about a year. A fellow birder had shared information that a pair of Coppersmith Barbet have built a nest in one of the branches and reported having observed the pair feeding a pair of chicks. 

I decided to do a stake-out near the tree. After about a half hour's wait I noticed one adult bird flying in and perched on one of the high branches. It had an orange colored berry in between it's beak. After checking out the surroundings and decided it is safe it flew lower and closer to the branch which supposedly is the location of the nest. Moments later it flew straight towards a hole in the branch. Almost immediately the sound of the chicks could be heard from my stake-out position. Bulls-eye! It is the nest! I spent the next hour or so recording the two adult birds scurrying back and forth ferrying food to the chicks.

Below are some photos of the most pleasant encounter.

          A hole in made in a tree branch to serve as a nest

         The chick had just been fed but is asking for more......

          Feeding frequency is about 20 minutes apart

All comments are welcome. Cheers!

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