Jan 3, 2012

Rufous-bellied Eagle ( hieraaetus kienerii ) 53 - 61 cm

Riz, Andy and I were chatting blissfully as we cruised along an almost empty road leading to our intended destination - Frasers Hill. All of a sudden from high up in the sky Riz called out from the back seat (well almost shorted actually) that there are raptors in the sky at left. The time was only 9 am! That's an unusually early time for raptors to be flying. Andy had to drive a little further in search of a suitable spot to stop the car. We immediately alighted binoculars in readiness to spot and ID the birds. After a short discussion and cross referencing Craig Robson's field guide the ID was unanimously confirmed! It's the scarce Rufous-bellied Eagle!!! It was a most wonderful Lifer or all three of us!!! A fantastic way to usher in the new year! Guys, give yourselves a big pat on your backs! :-)

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