Nov 27, 2009

A giant Iguana on the loose!!!

It was an encounter which was totally unexpected. As I took the left turn after leaving home I noticed a policeman and policewoman standing by the side of the road. The patrol car was parked nearby with engine still running. The immediate thought was there must be a robbery, perhaps a house has been broken-in, maybe a snatch thief and etc. As I slowly drove past the 2 police officers my eyes instinctively followed their gaze up the tree and to the branches of the nearest tree where they were standing. My gosh it was a huge pet iguana slowly making it’s way up the tree!. Once near the top it decided to stop to check the surroundings. The fire brigade has been summoned and is on the way. I sprinted back to my car to fetch my camera to ‘shoot’ this photo opportunity. With an appointment waiting I could not stay longer than I had wanted and left the scene a short while after. Here are some of the photos of this awesome critter, a survivor from the dinosaur age! Jpg_0030-1

It must be about over 6ft from head to the tip of it’s tail.


Simply majestic!


A close up shot of it’s head – awesome!


Photo angle showing part of it’s under belly. Beautiful yet scary.


Another side angle shot showing the multi-colored belly..


As the crowd gather underneath it started to inch it way higher up to safer ground .

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