Feb 18, 2011

The Changeable Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus) 61 - 75 cm

My encounter with this majestic bird of prey was by default by accident. I was driving downhill heading home after a birding trip when as always I would keep a look out for possible appearance of Raptors in this hilly terrain.  I must be about 300 meters from the exit when from the corner of my eyes on the right hand side I caught a glimpse of an imposing bird perched on top of a dead tree trunk! It was almost 6 pm. The setting sun was still high up in the horizon to provide the bright natural lighting which would make any photographer happy. 

I seized the golden opportunity and took as many shots as I could. This friendly bird posed many angles which gave the photos variety. Finally it decided to leave it's perch. It took-off and glided silently into the forest far beyond. I went back to my car totally happy with myself for picking up the 'bonus encounter'. With a broad smile and feeling good I started the car and drove away, reminiscing.

Here are 3 photos for sharing.

 Have a nice day! 

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