Apr 20, 2010

It’s the nesting season again for our feathered friends……..

Segment 1 of 3 in the series

The Copper-Smith Barbets

I had the opportunity and luck? to make a close-up observation of a  pair of adult male and female Copper-Smith Barbets busy scurrying to-and-fro bringing grubs and worms to a baby chick nestled in a hole-in-tree nest. Baby seems never to have enough. So both parents took turns. The modus operandi is whilst one of the parent is away looking for food for baby Barbet, the other will perch on a nearby branch to act as a guard. Once either parent returns and after it’s finished with feeding the chick it will then take up the guard duty role. The other parent will fly off in search for food. A very well organized feeding system indeed!

Another observation is that the female parent after feeding the chick continued to stay longer outside the nest. The male parent almost immediately flew off after depositing food in baby’s mouth.

A special thanks to Mr. Raju for showing me the nest.


Mama Barbet feeding chick in tree nest.


Baby chick is always hungry. LoL


The hole in the tree is just big enough for either parent to squeeze in and out. The adult occasionally enter the nest to spring clean the inside of nest. Wow!


Papa Barbet first up on guard duty, waiting for mama to return with food for baby.


Meanwhile papa took time-out for some personal preening and grooming. :-)


This is mama Barbet taking her turn of guard duty.

The Copper-Smith Barbets – interesting, handsome and dedicated parents. Yours truly is looking forward to the new addition to the small population of this specie.

To you guys out there thanks for visiting and stay tuned for the upcoming two segments. Cheers!

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