Jul 20, 2010

Rufuous-backed Kingfisher aka The Flying Carrot

The photos were taken a couple of months back but I did not get around to post them until now.
The nesting pair of Rufuos-back Kingfishers drew birders and bird photographers from local enthusiasts as well as from as far as Taiwan and Singapore. At one stage the nesting site was inundated with 500mm-600mm ‘bazookas’ all aimed at the adult birds! Both the male and female adults were scurrying to-and-fro bringing live food for the sole chick in the nest. Live food ranged from lizards, cicada, dragon fly, cricket, crabs, frogs and spiders.
P.S. The nesting pair must be wondering what in the heck are these ppl so excited each time they make their appearance. If only they could understand why bird men and women go cuckoo over them! LOL  
For me it was a great experience ‘camping out’ and patiently waiting at intervals of between half an hour to as long as one hour apart for the adult birds to return to their perch albeit for just about 2 minutes (max) before flying into the nest to feed the chick!
A very rare show indeed! To top it all it was Box Office seat all the way!!! Kudos to Mr. Khong aka wondersf for sharing the location. Gracias!
Video also uploaded to http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rufuos-back+kingfisher+aka+The+Flying+Carrot&aq=f
Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

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