Nov 28, 2010

The Blyth's Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus alboniger) 51 - 58 cm

The early bird catches it's worm is a most appropriate description of this experience. I had reduced my driving speed to 'slow' when approaching the 'spot' which I had earlier been informed that raptors have been consistently sighted early in the morning, usually perched on top of lamp posts. The first two thirds of the journey was uneventful, heard many bird calls but none which resembled raptors.

Then all of a sudden a big bird was 'racing' me - flying ahead of my vehicle before deciding to perch on a low branch. I lost no time and instinctively hit the brakes and pulled the car to the road side - just about 30 meters from where it had perched. It is a Blyth's Hawk Eagle! I quickly alighted from the car, grabbed my camera from the back seat, set the metering and anchored myself to the car's side. I took about half a dozen pics before it flew across the road, this time to one of the lamp post!

I followed and took a couple more shots. I then took a quick look at the LCD screen to see how the earlier shots had turned out. When I looked up again it was gone! As the vegetation in the area is comprised of trees and long grassland I could not pick up it's next perch. I told myself to never again take my eyes away (not even for a second) from any raptor encounter in future. :-)

Here are the photos for sharing.

Have a nice day. Cheers!

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