Aug 9, 2011

Smooth Otters (Lutrogale prespicillata)

Smooth Otters have waterproofed furs which are brownish black in color and which also enhance their ability to stay in the water for long periods. The otters' feet are webbed and their tails are flattened, making them excellent swimmers. They are inept 'fishermen' and their diet consists of mainly crustaceans, fish and the occasional snake.

I was in luck to observe a pair frolicking in the shallow waters of the Sg Buloh river during low tide. They appeared from nowhere and after a short time spent near the shore they decided to swim elsewhere in search of their favorite meal. A single dive under water brought them to a great distance as they reappeared again on the water surface some 50 meters away from my position. The next dive took them further afield and out of sight.

Here are 3 photos of these 'friendly' mammals.

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