Nov 7, 2010

'His Majesty' The Eagle - The Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) , 56 - 74 cm

Raptors or birds of prey have many 'admirers' amongst birders and non-birders alike. Perhaps they are admired for their larger size vis a vis other birds or perhaps it's their 'majestic' and fierce looking appearance or the way they could soar to great heights. Whichever quality or characteristic it may be the raptors will never fail to draw attention each time they make their appearance. 

The Crested Serpent Eagle is no different. It is often seen soaring high in the sky - carried by the mid-morning or afternoon's rising thermal, at times way above the clouds. Their distinctive high-pitch calls would pierce through the air and resonate over a long distance. It is it's way of  'showing' it's presence. The next time you are out in an open space and hear the calls from above you just gaze skyward and you might just see these great birds displaying their expert flying skills and having fun in the wind. :-)

Each angle of the Eagle's pose (below) exudes an air of 'unspoken dynamism'. Hope you agree and enjoy the pics.

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