Nov 8, 2010

Milky Storks (Mycteria cinerea), 92 - 97 cm

Whilst out on a routine birding trip I quite unexpectedly came upon a flock of Milky Stocks foraging, in of all places a distillation pond! I am quite certain there are no sizable fish to serve as a decent meal to these big birds. However they seemed quite contented just picking on the weeds which had grown on the man-made pond. 

The flock comprised of a mixed breed of adult in breeding and non-breeding plumage as well as female and juveniles. The adult breeding are differentiated by the "white parts of plumage suffused very pale creamy-buffish, bill bright yellow to orange-yellow, bare head brighter red, legs deep magenta" whereas the adult non-breeding resembles painted storks but all white, apart from blackish primaries, secondaries and tail, limited dark red head-skin. Bill pale pinkish-yellow, legs dull pinkish-red.  Juveniles are similar to Painted storks but browner, more uniform head and neck, paler lesser and medium upper wing-coverts (hardly contrasting with mantle), no defined darker breast-band, slightly less extensive naked head-skin. Ref: Craig Robson

Habitat: Tidal mudflaps, mangroves. resident of Pen Malaysia and a few countries in SEA. 

Here are some photos:

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