Nov 21, 2010

Common Moorhen ( Gallinula chloropus ) 30 - 35 cm

The Common Moorhens and it's brood of ducklings are commonly found in open paddy fields. I captured the pictures of this brood whilst they were foraging close to one of the irrigation canals. Usually very shy and wary of human presence one has to be very patient and be prepared to wait for them to reappear again from hiding. It so happened that the adults had new ducklings in tow, hence they were even more cautious of 'intruders'. Maternal instinct to protect the young.

Here are some photos for sharing.

                Mother was first out and once situation is safe.........

               ........the ducklings followed

               A confident sub-adult swim across the narrow canal.

             Whilst another continue to forage in the open. 

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  1. These are the Common Moorhen, the male Watercock has similar colors but bigger in size, lacking the white on flanks and yellow bill tip.

  2. Many thanks Tou, firstly for dropping by and secondly for the correction. It's very much appreciated. See you again soon. Cheers!