Jan 2, 2011

Fourth Raptor of the morning!!!!

It was a most wonderful start to a birding morning! Having first sighted the Common Buzzard?,  the Himalayan Buzzard followed by the Crested Serpent Eagle - the early morning was capped with yet another Raptor in the form of a Blyth's Hawk Eagle!!! Simply 'quantastic'!!! What else can I say!!! 

A birding day has it's ups & downs in terms of bird sightings. But 4 Raptors to set the pace, and with 2 migrant specie would put even a veteran birder on cloud 9! I was totally elated by what I got and this set the happy tone for the rest of day's outing. And what a great start to the new year too!

Here are 3 pics of the Blyth's Hawk Eagle for sharing.

Have a nice day! Cheers!

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