Jan 2, 2011

The Peregrine Falcon , (Falco peregrinus) 38 - 48 cm

The excitement of sighting Raptors is not confined to the forest or wetlands. Raptors have oftentimes been seen either perched or flying in a city's skyline. One such Raptor which is most commonly seen perched on the ultra high telecom pylons or high rise buildings is the Peregrine Falcon. 
Although classified as an uncommon resident this raptor is not seen as often as the othe Raptors. Hence the excitement when one is sighted is compounded many times. This very agile and intelligent Raptor never fails to create an adrenaline rush to the lucky ones. And given the very high pylons, to be able to photograph one could be considered a 'double happiness'. LoL

This very fast and fierce bird-of-prey found a perch high-up on a telecom pylon estimated to be as high as an average 10 story building. Photographing it was quite a task.

The following photos are smaller than the average ones but sufficient to give a positive ID.


   Four crows tried to intimidate the P. Falcon by flying 'sorties' around it.

    The P. Falcon was a little flustered but stood it's ground. In the end the crows gave up.
    P. Falcon won!

  Hope you like what you see. Cheers!

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