Jan 18, 2011

A pair of Lovey-Dovey Black-crested Bul Bul (Pycnonotus melanicterus ) 18.5 - 19.5 cm

When taking photographs of avian life forms it is quite common that we get just one bird at a time in the viewfinder. It becomes a great treat or bonus if you like when an occasion presents itself for us to capture 2 or more birds in a single frame. This opportunity presented itself when a pair of Black-crested Bul Bul was sighted cuddling together, supposedly to keep warm. The temperature that day was between 14-16 C, at times with powerful cross winds. 

The habitat of this specie are broadleaved forest of up to 2600+ meters above sea level.

Here are a few photos for sharing.

Hope you like what you see. Cheers!

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