May 19, 2011

Adventure in Kenong Rimba Park, Malaysia; 14-17 May 2011

Kenong Rimba Park is aptly described as “a scenic valley traversed by rippling mountains”. This park is situated in the Kuala Lipis district, and is spread over 128 square km of unspoilt tropical rainforest. Spanning across the Kenong Valley and Sg Kenong, its eastern and northern boundaries border Taman Negara (National Park).

Most of the park still remains unexplored. You will find peaceful and unspoilt wilderness, cascading waterfalls, fascinating limestone caves and a great variety of flora and fauna. The tranquility and quiet solitude is broken only by the chirping of birds and the interesting sounds of insects .The nights may echo with the piercing calls of the Great Argus.
This cool green forest has a lot of interesting plant life including beautiful varieties of wild orchids, the majestic Tualang tree and the gigantic strangling fig, just to name a few, and therefore attracts a large variety of birds and animals. It is indeed a birder’s paradise. Within the base camp the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, the Blue Rock Thrush and the Green Broadbill can be spotted. This park is also well known as one of the best wildlife reserves in Malaysia and mammals such as the prickly porcupine, mousedeer, the Malayan Tapir and Elephants have been regularly seen. Ref: Nature Guides MNS Selangor Branch.

29 enthusiastic and highly motivated members of the Malaysian Nature Society who shared the contagious spirit of adventure and the love for living in the great outdoors came together on the journey which spanned over 4 long days and 3 nights. Although all are members of the same Nature Society most are meeting for the first time. The commemoradie was infectious and soon spread quickly through the group. We are one big happy family throwing aside all personal inhibitions and the sleek city lifestyle behind as we challenged the rough & tough of the forest over the next few days.   

     Our  journey started with a 10 minute boat ride to the jetty.


     Crossing Sg Jelai (Jelai River) which was 'swollened' from the overnight rain.

      The Jetty that was to be the start of our trek to the base camp.

     Whilst waiting for other trip mates this butterfly helped to 'kill' some time

      So was this Damsel-fly, both of which 'hung-around ' the Jetty.

      After about an hour later we reached Gua Batu Tangga or Stone Steps Cave and were overawed by the unusual formations in the cave

          A short distance away was Gua Batu Tangkup (Infrared Stone Cave)

      We found elephant poo in this cave indicating a recent visit by the gentle giants

     We were greeted by shimmering rock face formations inside the cave which is probably why it was named Infrared Cave

         There were trees which seemed to have 'grown-through' the solid rock!

         One of the better wooden bridges we had to cross enroute

     before we finally reach our base camp some 4 hours later

     This is the path between our chalets and the dining area

A large Monitor lizard was seen swimming in the river which some of us had just used to cool down after the long hike!

     A stream with crystal clear water meanders past our base camp.

    and ginger and other exotic flowers and fruits grew freely everywhere

     For the adventurous there are many caves and rock cavities to explore, all within the vicinity of the camp site.

        Fungi of many different shape, size and color abound in the humid and damp environment of this virgin tropical forest reserve.

       Trees with buttress roots measuring more than 20 meters across at the base and some reaching heights 10 storey high at the canopy, seemed like reaching for the sky!
     Below pic is yours truly with arms fully extended,  just to demonstrate the width of the buttress roots  

There is a tourist information office, although it was closed during our stay there.

A big arch with the Welcome signage greet all visitors arriving at the park by road. As the approach 'road' to the park is laid with loose gravel it is recommended that only 4WD vehicles be used as the first choice mode of transport. 

Cheers for now - until the next trip! And the next adventure, adios!


  1. Wow........ you had a great time at kenong rimba park. this place looks like a great place for birding too.

    i enjoyed travelling with your photos. thanks for sharing. andy

  2. Thanks Andy for visiting my humble blog. It is indeed a very interesting place with many things of nature to do, see and photograph. Most definitely there is an active and still unspoilt avian and animal life environment there. I would recommend Kenong Rimba Park to any person who love to be with nature. Cheers!

  3. Oh wow...those are just purely awesome. How about coming down to Borneo once more...?

  4. I don't see why not! ����