Mar 14, 2011

MNS Raptor Watch 2011

Raptor Watch is held annually on the first weekend of March. For the year 2011 the event is held on March 12 & 13 (Saturday & Sunday).

However, the spring raptor migration actually begins in mid February and lasts till mid April. For those who are not able to come to the RW, you can still come anytime within this period to see the birds. Over th...e years of monitoring, MNS has discovered that the peak period to watch the most number of birds is the first weekend of March.

Despite the scientific data behind it, raptor migration cannot be guaranteed. Nature is unpredictable. A change in wind direction, haze and rain may deter the birds from flying across leading to a `no bird day’. Ref: MNS Raptor Watch website
Telling the story in pictures.

The morning sun breaking in the horizon. View from the Casa Rachado Resort

The clean beach line is a welcoming sight. 

By around 11 am the first wave of Raptors filled the blue sky!

From their lofty heights the Raptors looked like tiny birds dotting the sky!

As they flew lower their size becomes more apparent!

At closer range the full impact of their size become pronounced!

                                        The flight of these big birds are simply awesome!

                 Adult birds' wing span could reach over 6 ft from wing tip to wing tip!

                                            Simply great birds to observe and enjoy!

                            See how this bird glide with the vast wings fully stretched out!

                                        Soaring higher and higher with the noon day thermal

                                 Another angle of appreciating the bird's size and wing span!

                                        Struggling to keep in-flight!

                                          Going along with the wind!

                                The flight speed is determined by the wind.

                                                          Ballet in the sky~!

Join Raptor Watch in 2012! Cheers!


  1. Es maravilloso Henry! Buena idea esta, publicar por pack las fotografías. Felicidades! Lucy y Lucas Bundher.

  2. Muchas gracias Lucy y Lucas Bundher. Me alegro de que le gustaba lo que ves. ¡Salud!