Mar 23, 2011

A pair of Black-headed Bul Bul ( Pycnonotus arriceps ) 18 cm

I came across this 'couple' when out early, just before the start of the main birding trip. In the beginning they were both perched and foraging in separate trees. My attention was drawn away, albeit temporarily, when a Drongo Cuckoo appeared in the scene. After photographing the new arrival my focus returned to the Bul Buls. By this time the two were perched close to each other on the same branch! Not satisfied by the extended distance which separated me and the birds and having the desire to get better close-up pix; I inched closer, always conscious that any quick or noisy move on my part will frighten them away. It was a success! I managed to come to within a distance of about 40 ft. 

Here they are :

Have a fruitful day! Cheers!

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