May 27, 2011

The Snowy-browed Flycatcher - Chapter II

I had posted photos of the Male & Female Snowy-browed Flycatcher from an earlier trip. During this recent trip I was pleasantly surprised! The adult birds have brought their new female chick in tow! The chick must have recently fledged and is now strong enough to be out in the open for more training by the parents.

Although the chick was able to forage for food by itself it is observed that it is still occasionally fed by the adult Male. Call it fatherly love. :-) The adult Female has left the feeding job to the adult Male. It was a most interesting observation!

Below are photos of the cute family of 3.

         Adult Male with chick (female)

           Adule Female with chick

         Female chick

       Adult Male 

        Adult Female 

All comments are welcome, Cheers!

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