Aug 25, 2011

Birding in Ulu Perdik, Ulu Langat District, Selangor, Malaysia. - DAY l

Ulu Perdik or simply Perdik yields interesting and many a time new and exciting 'finds'. Depending on which month in the year you visit, this is a favorite birding spot of both seasoned birders and newbies alike. Perdik never fails to 'reward' the ardent birders and attracts both local and foreign visitors.

My personal experience here have it's ups and downs. Good bird harvest at times and leaner outings in some. Nonetheless this lowland forest is home to a broad spectrum of birds and also thrives with migratory species during the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Birds migrate south to escape the harsh winter and some choose Perdik as their temporary abode before returning to their home lands when spring beckons. 

Below are some species recorded on different days over a 2 week period. 

                                 Asian Fairy Bluebird

                                Black Magpie

                            Buff-rumped Woodpecker


                              Crested Serpent Eagle (record shot)

                                Drongo Cuckoo                        

                                Gold-whiskered Barbet

                                 Grey-chinned Minivet (Male)

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