Aug 25, 2011

Birding in Ulu Perdik, Ulu Langat District, Selangor, Malaysia. - DAY lI

It was just a half day of birding today. Arrived at Perdik just after lunch time. The heavens above was threatening to open up and off-load the usual tropical thunderstorm toward the mid afternoon- evening time slot. Well it did rain and it also meant a couple of hours just sitting and waiting for the sun to reappear.

When the rain eventually stop our patience was almost immediately rewarded with a colorful Emerald Dove! The sole bird flew into the vicinity without a sound and started foraging by the bank of the river. It must have been just about 30 yards from our position. But alas the weeds and shrubs by the river bank blocked was in our way for an unobstructed view!

We waited for it to emerge from the weeds and shrubs to an open area. It eventually did reappear and strotted nonchalantly up, down and around the small clearing. That was enough and was what we had hoped for. The results are shared in the pics appended below.

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