Aug 25, 2011

Birding in Ulu Perdik, Ulu Langat District, Selangor, Malaysia. - DAY lII

Day III in Perdik was another one of those testy days where silence  rule the day in the forest. It was one of those days where the birds decided to forage elsewhere. Hence the day was long and dreary. Our patience was stretched pretty thin and at one point at around mid-day we had wanted to call it a day. 

However our optimism kept us going and we console ourselves that something good is bound to turn up and soon. But luck continued to elude us and the day passed with none of the birds we were looking for turning up. By 4pm we were done and started to pack when out of the distance a familiar call broke out! Yes it was that of one of the species we had been waiting for,and none other than the Banded Broadbill!

Their extremely loud calls pierced through the otherwise quiet forest like an arrow! Instinctively  we reassembled our equipments and replaced the camera on the tripod in readiness. Before long the calls came closer and closer to our position. And in the very next moment two Banded Broadbills were hovering, perching and flying around the tree branches just above us! 

Today's heroes has to be the Banded Broadbills! They did not disappoint as they stayed long enough to make our day. Only the next time we hope they would perch lower. :-) 

Other species recorded for the day are:

                                         Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

 The Emerald Dove made a brief appearance in the morning but perched some distance away.

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