Aug 18, 2011

Birding with MNS Selangor Branch Birdgroup (SBBG)

   OLD PUMP HOUSE ROAD, Genting Highlands  - Aug 14 2011

This location is attractive to birders and bird watchers for 2 main reasons. Firstly it has nice cool temperate-like weather (although the temperature now is not what it used to be) and the large number of bird species which has been recorded here. Plus one can get the occasional 'surprise bonus' birds.

This birding trip was organized by the MNS Selangor Branch Bird Group (SBBG) and was very well attended with a mixed group of seasoned birders as well as a fair number of newbies - which is good! It indicates 'new blood' and interest in birding and bird watching amongst the young and older generation is growing. 

We started the day at our favorite Indian Muslim (mamak shop) coffee shop located at Goh Tong Jaya for our morning caffeine and Indian hand made toasted bread aka Roti Canai. After a quick eat and drink all proceeded to the meeting point, a narrow stretch of tarred road leading up the birding trail.

At around 7.30 am we broke-up into smaller groups and trouped up the hill road. The senior birders of SBBG were on hand to share their knowledge and help to spot the birds with their super powerful spotting scopes. One can see the delight in the faces of the newbie birders as they looked through the scopes to see the birds at the other end, probably for the first time! This was followed by the Ooos! Ahhhhs! and Wahhhs! One exciting way to get 'em 'hooked' to birding!

For the record the group heard and/or sighted over 60 bird species! A very good record given that the outing was just slightly over 4 hours. Everyone regrouped for a debrief at the same starting point at around 12 pm. Three cheers to SBBG and the trip organizers! Hip hip hip hurray!!!

Here are some photos taken during this trip for sharing.

                               Banded Bay Cuckoo 

                                Black-browed Barbet

                                Blue-winged Leafbird (Male) 

                                Blue-winged Leafbird (Female)

                                Fire-breasted Flowerpecker

                                Green-billed Malkoha

Mountain Fulvetta (Juvenile)

Rufuous Woodpecker

Rufuous Piculet

                               Grey-chinned Minivet (Male)

                               Grey-chinned Minivet (Female)

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