Aug 13, 2011

Thick-billed Green Pigeon ( Treron curvirostra ) 25.5 - 27 cm

The photos below were taken in February this year, edited, saved in the folder and totally forgotten. :-) I only chanced upon the photos again whilst making a review of photos in my folders to take stock of what I have got year-to-date. 

Looking at the photos made me reminisce the occasion when some one dozen or more Thick-billed Green Pigeons feasted on freshly ripened figs which blanketed the whole tree. They were so engrossed in their foraging activity that they were not at all perturbed by my presence. I was just 10 yards (maybe less) from the tree! I was obviously delighted that the pigeons had not scuttled away which under normal circumstances would have been the natural reaction of birds in the wild. 

I had a field day making close observations of the flock of Male and Female birds whilst at the same time digitally recording their antics in both photos and video. What luck!!! :-))

Here are some of the photos.

                        The Male

                        The Female

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