Sep 16, 2011

Trekking thru' the 'Lost World of Sabah' aka Maliau Basin - Part VI

                                THE FLOWERS & PLANTS OF MALIAU BASIN

Just like the orchids the flowers of Maliau Basin are simply awesome! Varieties aside each type exudes it's own appeal which an observer would not get bored looking at for any extended period of time. As with the orchids, fungi different types of flowers are found in the diverse terrain within the basin. Sure worth exploring!
Here is what I meant.

                                                MISC SIGHTINGS

                               Star-shaped plant growing on a tree

                                Moss with fine tentacles

                                 A blue berry

                                A 'fruit' from one of the trees

                                  Carpet moss


                               The Tabernaemontana sp. (fruit of the mountain) found 
                             in the forest but now captivated as an ornamental plant. 

                               A large Rhinoceros Beetle

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