Oct 25, 2011

Birds of King's Park, Chumphon, Thailand

From 14 - 19 Oct MNS members made a special trip to Chumphon, Thailand to watch raptors flying pass two hills namely Radar and Pencil Hills. The path taken by the Raptors accord bird watchers an 'armchair' view of the big birds-of-prey at close range. Something which is difficult to experience as Raptors generally fly very high-up in the sky. We were not disappointed as our members managed to not only see but also photographed some of them at close range.

In addition to the main one described above our group made a side trip to the King of Thailand Park or Project to check-out the bird species which are reported to be quite varied there. We were not disappointed here either and here are some photos of the bird we sighted and photographed.

                                Little Cuckoo Dove

                                Open-billed Storks

                                 Pied Starlings

                                Red-breasted Parakeet

                                Spotted Dove

                                Vinous-breasted Starling

                                 Black-winged Stilt

                                Black Drongo

                                Pond Heron

                                Red-wattled Lapwing


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