Oct 11, 2011

The Waders are back!

The season of the waders have started. Waders or shore birds are long legged and web-footed sea birds. The yearly migration from the winter in the northern hemisphere to the warmer south takes place almost like clock-work every year starting from late Sept to Dec. The birds would then stay till around April/May the following year before returning to their homelands to breed . 

The yearly cycle of migration keeps birders busy trying to document as many specie as possible. Listed below are some of the early arrivals. Many more will be arriving at wetlands, mudflaps and mangrove forests  in various parts of the country over the next few months.

                                Lesser Adjutant

                                 Grey Heron

                                 Purple Heron

                                Terek Sandpiper


Black-headed Tern

Eurasian Curlew

Lesser Sand Plover

                                     Common Redshank

                                     Common Sandpiper

                                      Common Greenshank

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