Feb 29, 2012

Changeable Hawk Eagle ( Adult Dark & Pale Morphs ) Spizaetus cirrhatus 61 - 75 cm

I had a most interesting and totally unexpected encounter with a family of CHEs comprising of the Male, Female and a Juvenile. The Eagles are still nesting the new arrival and was obviously very protective of the single bird. In my observation over a 3 hour period I noted many characteristics of these wonderful birds-of-prey. I hope to document all the findings in a proper record which would be shared upon their eventual publication.

For this blog I will share the photos captured during the encounter.

                The pair of adults - Male (dark morph, bottom) and Female (pale morph, top)

                              Close-up of the Male

                  The  Male keeping watch of the Juvenile from a tree perch opposite the nest.

                        Close-up shots of the Female 

                              The Juvenile in the nest

                               And recorded here doing a big stretchhhh.....

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