Mar 27, 2012

Scarlet-rumped Trogon ( harpactes duvaucelii ) 23.5-26.5 cm

The 'Star' on this birding trip is unquestionably a pair of Male & Female Scarlet-rumped Trogons. We heard the repeated calls but could not see them. When all of a sudden one of the members exclaimed 'there it is, there it is!!' And low and behold the Male was just only about 10 meters from our position! Even under the dim light of the forest at the time the colors of it's plumage shown so brilliantly. The red was so strikingly 'flourescent' and added to the all round excitement which had built up amongst the members by now.

The excitement on seeing the male had hardly settled down when another member of the team called out 'the female is over there!' Wow what an unexpected double bonus! There she was perched further deeper inside the forest and on a higher but 'clear' perch. She was visible as a thin streak of sunlight had penetrated through the forest's canopy and brightened up the surrounding area near to where she perched. Great stuff both!

Here are a few pics. 

                                       The Male

                                        The Female

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