Aug 4, 2010

It’s the nesting time for our feathered friends……..

Segment 2 of 3 in the series
I had wanted to post the nesting photos of the Braminy Kites much earlier but did not get round to doing it. The chicks have grown over the last couple of weeks and are much bigger now. Will update this post with the latest photos in due course. 
Braminy Kite (Male)
Jpg_36 (2)
Braminy Kite ( Female)
Female Braminy seen here in the nest with the eggs.
Early days of the young chicks with eyes still half opened.. There are two of them in there. The one at left is partly hidden by the twigs used to build the nest.
Mama Braminy feeding chick at left whilst chick at right patiently await it’s turn. Quite an unusual feeding behavior. One would expect both chicks scrambling and fighting for the meal.

The Braminy chicks are now two handsome fledglings.

_MG_0238 (2)

The two siblings perched just below the nest.


Close-up shot. The photos were greatly affected by the intense back lighting. 


Another close-up of the other young kite.


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