Aug 5, 2010

Interlude @ Kemensah, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

The trip to Kemensah in early  April was my second. The first was in January this year with ardent birders from the Malaysian Nature Society, Selangor Branch fraternity. Birders’ blogs and birding friends have paraded the diverse birds which could  be found in Kemensah and expounded on the abundance of birdlife here.
On this trip I had Riz and Emran, both of whom are as equally excited about birds as I do. The maxim is proven right – birds of a feather flock together! LOL. First stop Taman Melawati for the Blue-eared Kingfisher. Emran led us to the spot and it was our lucky day. They were there to greet us. See pics below. Aren’t they cute?

Blue-eared Kingfisher @ Tmn Melawati
Birds @ Kemensah, Ampang
We proceeded to Kemensah. Our luck spilled-over here.  As we took our first few steps we passed a nest hanging from a tall tree. A ‘reddish’ bird flew swiftly from the nest into the undergrowth nearby. We decided to do a stake-out. Our patience was rewarded when a sole Red & Black Broadbill returned with a piece of dried leaf in tow. It was making some minor ‘renovations’ to it’s nest! Below are the pictures.

Blue-eared Kingfisher

Black & Red Broadbill

Broadbill’s nest, with an adult clearly visible.
As we took our leisurely stroll up the trail, other birds came into view.

Black-headed Bul Bul

Orange-breasted Flycatcher (Male)

Orange-breasted Flycatcher (Female)

Olive-winged Bul Bul

Stripe-throated Bul Bul


Grey & Buff Woodpecker. (Record Shot)

Grey & Buff  Kingfishers (Male at right and Female at Left) very high up in the tall bamboo canopy. ID shot. Hope to get better picture next time. Both birds are Lifers for all three of us.

Large Wood Shrike

Green-backed Flycatcher

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

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