Sep 30, 2010

Birds of Gunong Ledang ( Mt Ophir), Johore, West Malaysia - 25-26 Sept 2010

It was like killing 2 birds with 1 stone, figuratively speaking.  :-). Whilst attending and also participating in the recently concluded MNS 63rd. AGM and Council elections I decided to spend a couple of hours on 26th Sept Sunday morning to do some birding in and around the meeting venue - Taman Rimba Lagenda, Johore National Park, Gunung Ledang, Johore, Malaysia. It was a good diversion from an equally eventful MNS AGM in which a new President and  new Council members were elected for a 2 year term.

   The prominent 'WELCOME' signage in front of the resort.

MNS Banner at the entrance to the resort. A reminder that 'Green Is In'.

    Directions to the various facilities within the resort.

    The wooden bridge on the way to the Huts, accomodation for the weekend.

   Prestine stream of refreshing and inviting mountain water cascades and meanders through the resort.

    The 'HUT' - a one room studio just big enough for 2-3 persons. The good news is there were
    no 'mossies' throughout the night.

   Birders getting ready to go up Gunong Ledang (Mt. Ophir) and bird along the way.

   Below are some of the birds, mammal and reptile 'shot' within Taman Rimba Lagenda.

   A common squirrel feeding on a oil palm seed.

A Red-eyed Bul Bul

   An Ochraceous Bul Bul

    A Chestnut Bul Bul

   A Gold-whiskered Barbet

   A Green Lizard

   Taman Rimba Lagenda, Taman Negara Johore is very strategically located. Just over 2 hours by road from
   either Kuala Lumpur or Johore Bahru/Singapore. You should go check this place out sometime soon.

   Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

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