May 3, 2011

MNS Photogroup Trip to Muar, Pt.. Jawa & Sg. Balang - April 30 - May 2 2011.

In the early hour of 6 am of Apr 30th a group of 21 enthusiastic photographers, all members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) set out for their meeting point - the Seremban R & R. The outing was organized by the MNS Selangor Branch Special Interest Photogroup. The locations to visit were Muar, Pt. Jawa and Sg Balang. All three locations offered diverse subjects and settings to stimulate the creative juices of the group. 

  Photos listed below are my photo 'contribution' to document the trip. Hope you like what you see.

     Although without the anticipated red sky it was still glorious sunset over Tanjong Emas, Muar

      Muar river scene in the late evening

    Muar river scene just after dusk.

Muar river was a hive of activities ranging from canoeing, river cruising or local folks having a leisurely stroll along the pavement lining the Muar river. Also a good location for photographers to capture all the action!

      Masjid Jamek @ Tanjong Agas, opposite Tanjong Emas

We came upon a wedding outdoor shoot in progress at Tanjong Emas, Muar and decided we should also join in.  :-)

Sunset over Pt. Jawa. Pix was taken during my trip in Dec '09. 
This time around we were not so lucky. The sun had shifted and set over a cluster of mangrove trees effectively blocking out the horizon. 

Sharing another photo taken from the earlier trip of a fishing boat returning after an overnight fishing trip.

Here are the birds of Muar, Pt. Jawa & Sg. Balang which were sighted and/or photographed - listed by alphabetical order of the birds' name. 

         Asian Koel (Male), Sg Balang

          Baya Weavers building new nests, Sg Balang

        Black Kite flying over the paddy fields of Sg Balang

         White-winged Tern traversing the waterway along the jetty in Pt Jawa


         Black-shouldered Kites, Sg Balang

        Common Sandpipers, Pt Jawa

       Lesser Adjutant, Pt Jawa

        Little Egrets, Pt Jawa

        Lesser Coucal (Juv), Sg. Balang

         Lesser Whistling Ducks - Sg Mati, Muar

         Little Heron, Pt. Jawa

        Little Heron - Tanjong Emas, Muar

           Common Iora, Sg Mati, Muar

       Moorhen swimming in the rain, Sg. Mati, Muar

         Mud-skipper, Pt. Jawa

         Pacific Swallows, Pt Jawa

        Yellow-bellied Prina, Sg Balang

         Peaceful Dove

        Common Red Shanks, Sg Balang

         Red-wattled Lapwing, Sg Balang

           Spectacled Spiderhunter, Sg Mati

          White-headed Munia, Sg Balang

        Group photo of the trippers at the doorsteps of heritage house. Owner : MB of Johore.

    Thanks for dropping by and all comments would be most welcomed. Cheers!


  1. A lot of birds were capture! Seem to be a productive trip! Nice images!

  2. Thanks Wah Lin. The Baya Weavers were building lots of nests. There were much less raptors compared to my earlier trip. Some species of waders were still around including the now residents - the Lesser Adjutants. Yes overall it was a very interesting and eventful trip, especially for the first timers. Cheers!

  3. Hi Henry, nice photos! BTW, where in Sungai Mati did your group go to? Would appreciate if you could let me know. My email is

    Thank you!

    Teng Fong Lin

  4. Hi Henry, Thanks for sharing the bird picture. After reading your blog, I would also like to visit Sungai Balang. May I know how far is this from Muar and the exact location where you guys went to shot the bird ? I might be driving there a day trip in mid Apr, is this a good month to catch the bird ? Thanks. Michael Lee from JB

  5. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting and reading. Sg. Balang is only a 15-20 minute drive from Pt. Jawa ex KL. If you are coming from JB you will arrive at Sg. Balang first before Pt Jawa. Mid April should be good timing. You may not get all the species of birds but I am am quite sure the resident birds will be present to welcome you. I wish you a pleasant and fruitful trip. Happy birding!

  6. Your photos are beautiful Henry! we would like to use one of the skipper mud fish for an environmental campaig video. hope that is alright with you? Yvette Co, philippines.

    1. Thx Yvette Co. Could you confirm if your organization is a commercial entity or a conservation NGO. Also will photo credit be given?