Oct 19, 2010

An encounter with the Red-whiskered Bul Bul - ( Pycnonotus Jocosus ) 18 - 20.5 cm.

It was intended to be a routine birding outing without any special expectations or target species in my mind. As  usual I scan all potential angles in the park on a look-out for birds, either perched or in-flight. As I gazed skyward in the direction of some dried-out tree branches - a favorite perch for birds; I saw a silhouette of a smallish bird hanging-on to a very thin branch right at the top of the tree. I couldn't immediately make out it's ID due in part to the rather bright evening sun which caused a blinding reflection on the bird's plumage. I was pretty sure it is not a specie commonly seen in this area and neither have I encountered this specie during my other trips. My instinct tells me to quickly take some photos, well at least for the record before it flies away. Upon comparing the photos and the field guide the bird's ID matched that of the Red-whiskered Bul Bul! The pleasant and unexpected encounter made my day! Not to mention a Lifer!

Here are 3 photos for sharing.

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