Oct 27, 2010

It's the season of migrating waders

Each year Malaysian shores have the distinct privilege of being temporary home to migratory waders leaving their winter home in the northern hemisphere to warmer climate. One such location are the swarms surrounding the Kuala Selangor Nature Park and Jeram Mangrove Forest nearby. In the recently concluded Festival of Wings organized by the Malaysian Nature Society visitors were taken on a boat ride along the Sg Buloh river and the Kapar Power Station.
I am please to share some photos taken along the Sg Buloh river.

A Lesser Adjutant taking a leisurely stroll along the muddy river during low tide. And taking to the air spreading it's vast wings in-flight. 

A White-bellied Sea Eagle was also seen hovering over the area

A Braminy Kite flew overhead checking out it's territory

A Grey Heron stood on a boat's boom observing the horizon  


Whilst another Grey Heron flew gracefully past the boat

   A solitary Eastern Curlew foraging on the river bed

And a whole flock of Common Sandpipers forage nearby


 To cap the eventful cruise the Black-naped Terns flew in acrobatic motion, 
at times flying parallel to the boat!


Hope you like what you see. All comments are welcome. Cheers!

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