Nov 8, 2010

The Orange-backed Woodpecker (Reimwardtipicus validus ), 30 cm

The encounter with a pair of Orange-backed Woodpeckers was an unexpected 'bonus'. After a day of birding and whilst in the process of making preparation to call it a day, out flew what looks like two fairly large sized birds from the trees bordering the jungle fringe at right. Due to the failing evening light the actual specie could not immediately ID the specie. Nonetheless they looked too colorful to miss out for a photo opportunity. I immediately reset my tripod and was ready (so I thought) to 'capture' them. 

The birds unpredictable flight movements took me from one end of the clearing and then to the next a moment later. This went on for a good 10 minutes or so! All this time my camera was clicking away although I did feel something 'rockerty' about the plate attached to my tripod's ball head. The top priority at that moment was to get the birds (at all costs). :-) Only when the birds have made their exit and I examined the digital pictures was I shocked to see numerous blurred images. I made a quick check of the plate and discovered that it was loose! Hence it had caused the camera and lens to move as I depressed the shutter. This affected the sharpness of a number of crucial shots! :-(

And to add salt to injury when I frantically searched in my bag and car boot for the 'alan key' to tighten the plate it was no where to be found! Talk about Murphy's law acting up! There are 2 morals to this story?

#1 Carry you essential tools with you at all times, no matter how insignificant!
# 2 In birding always expect the unexpected bonuses! :-)))

All's not lost though. I still managed to salvage some pictures to share. And here are 3 photos.

                                A Male

                                A Female

Hope you like what you see. Cheers!

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