May 28, 2011

The Golden-throated Barbet (Megalaima fraklinii) 22 cm

This pair of Golden-throated Barbets were busy pecking a hole on a dead tree trunk to build a nest. My attention was drawn by the incessant pecking sound. Upon looking in the direction of  the sound I observed that the female Barbet had already made a hole about 1 inch deep into the tree which is about 20 - 25 ft above ground and was in clear view from the road. 

I also observed that both the male and female took turns in the pecking order. Whenever there was a change of duty either one one would perch in a nearby tree to take a well earned rest. Below are photos of both birds, which at casual glance are almost identical.  

        The Female, the braver of the two and also spent more time pecking

          The Male, who spent less time pecking

            The hole in the tree could be clearly seen here

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