May 30, 2011

The Eurasian Tree Sparrow feeding it's young ( Passer flaveolus) 14 - 14.5 cm

I had just poured myself a drink and was casually seeping it whilst looking out of the kitchen window. It is a normal course of event and I never in a moment expected anything unusual. A couple a Eurasian Tree Sparrows were frolicking in the garden. Nothing unusual about that. The Sparrows are a common sight almost everywhere in my neighborhood. 
And then something caught my attention! A parent bird picked up a piece of grub and held it in it's beak and seemed to look upwards. The next moment a Juvenile flew from a perch above and with moments had it's mouth wide open, begging to be fed. The parent bird 'sacrificed' it's meal and placed it gingerly deep into the throat of the Juvenile. What a moment!!! I scuttled upstairs for my camera! 

Below are 3 pix I captured for sharing.

         A distant shot from the kitchen window

         Followed by a close-up

        And the actual feeding.....WOW!!!

         Shots of THE moment to cherish! Cheers!

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