Jun 20, 2011

The Ox-Bow Lake - Chapter II

On June 18 I made a second visit to the Ox-Bow Lake near the town of Sg. Mati, Johore. This time I have the company of the President of  the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Prof Dr. Maketab Mohamed. Prof had made a special stop-over to see and hear the feedbacks from Mrs. Yong and other long time residents there, first hand. I believe he was convinced that this humble lake could be developed as part of an eco-tourism project which will benefit this small town and the village folks. Agriculture and planting of paddy are the main activities which form the back bone of the smallish economy in Pekan Sg. Mati. 

The President went away with an assurance to the village community leaders that he will seek out the relevant government officers and departments in charge of tourism located in the state capital of Johore Bahru. MNS have the expertise to provide assistance in areas of  conservation, the selection of the appropriate specie of fruit trees which will attract birds during the fruiting season. The abundance of bird life will certainly serve as a big draw and attract bird watchers, both local and from overseas. Birding and other related activities will help to liven up this otherwise sedate village.

During the tour around the lake I took the opportunity to 'capture' and record the birds along the way. Here are some of the photos taken in under 2 hours.

            Google map of the Ox-Bow Lake 

             Common Iora 

              Greater Coucal

                 Purple Heron

Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

               Red-wattled Lapwing

             Cinnamon Bittern (non breeding)

             Lesser Whistling Ducks

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