Jul 6, 2011

The Oriental Magpie Robin nesting (Copsychus saularis) 19-21 cm

The Oriental Magpie Robin specie is known for not being choosy when it comes to choice of a suitable location to build it's nest. Ceilings of houses, post boxes, car porchs etc etc are potential nest sites. This pair chose a broken down and disused electrical control box of a distillation pond to build it's nest! The nest was constructed from dried leaves, grass and small wooden twigs. I also noticed a piece of thin copper wire amongst them! Take a close at the pic with the chicks. :-)

Three eggs were laid and they hatched into 3 lovely tiny chicks about one week later. Both parents then took turns to ferry food ranging from grasshoppers, worms and various types of insects. The feeding would go on for about 3 weeks before the chicks eventually fledged into OMRs.

Below are 4 photos of the whole process - from eggs to chicks.

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