Sep 16, 2011

Trekking thru' the 'Lost World of Sabah' aka Maliau Basin - Part III

                             THE ORCHIDS OF MALIAU BASIN

One can't help noticing the myriad species of orchids that could be found here! Orchid species that are not seen anywhere else including the forests and orchid nurseries in the Asian region. Some were so spectacular that words cannot describe them. You have to see them to get the exhilarating feeling I felt whenever I stumbled onto one of these exotic flower.  

And here they are. I will need sometime to research the names and insert same over time. Meanwhile I hope you will enjoy the pix as much as I have in sharing them.

                                                            Dendrobium cinnabarinum

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  1. Its a nice idea to discover nature beauty while trekking .That pictures having amazing beauty.