Oct 5, 2010

On the trail of the Himalayan Cutia

Himalayan Cutias have been sighted!!! The last known sighting was some years back, year 2001 to be precise! So you could imagine the excitement amongst a small circle of birders when news of the Cutias filtered through. Not to be left wanting and waiting indefinitely I took a firm decision and headed for the location - Genting Highlands. Why did the Cutias chose the location 1264 m above sea level? Only the Cutias have the answer.

Genting Highlands is Malaysia's only licensed 24 hr casino and theme park. The all-year round cool temperate weather is a big draw to both local and oversea tourists who visit this highland resort to just chill and have a short respite from the heat in the lowlands. There are other who came to try their luck at the casino. The Genting Highlands group through acquisition of casino operations in the US of A and the UK spread it's wings and become more of a global player in the corporate scene. Ok enough said on this premium resort. You could read more in the corporation's website. Google search for Genting Highlands.

Back to the Cutias! Not wanting to take the risk of not sighting them by waiting till the weekend I headed for the spot on 20th Sept 2010 where sightings were reported a few days earlier. Interestingly the Cutias were not with the many morning bird waves which included Long-tailed Sibias, Gold-throated Barbets, Fire-tufted Barbets, Silver-eared Mesias, Malaysian and Spectacled Laughing Thrushes, Little-pied Flycatchers, Mountain and Streaked Bul Bul, Velvet Nuthatchs, Olive-winged Bul Buls, Oriental White-eyed, Large Niltavas amongst many others. The Black Eagle and Blyth's Hawk Eagle also made brief appearances. More of these avian friends in other postings on this blog. This posting is dedicated solely for the Himalayan Cutias. :-)

And here they are:

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