Nov 5, 2010

Raffles's Malkoha ( Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus ) 35 cm

The 'handsome one' is often referred to a male Raffles's Malkoha. And rightly so. It has one of the best fusion of plumage consisting of rufuous head /breast, rufuous chestnut above, black tail with bronze bars and white tip. Blackish back, rump and tail-coverts and greyish belly. Ref: Craig Robson.

It's habitat range from broadleaved evergreen forest, forest edge, sometimes plantations up to 975 meters above sea level. It's also a very interesting bird to watch especially when it's foraging - 'skipping' from branch to branch. And when in-flight it makes a few quick flap of it's wings before gliding to it's destination with wings spread-out.

Here are some pictures:

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